Render and Texture

 Thinking of selling?  Or does your tired house exterior need a facelift?



Our Services


InstaClad provide rendering and texturing services for:

 - brick

 - blueboard

 - EPS polystyrene

 - or we can update your old texture with a new type or coat of texture






We can render your brick walls, ready for texture, or provide a sand finish that is ready to paint.


We can prepare your blueboard or mesh EPS polystyrene, ready for texture.





If you choose to texture coat your walls, our texture coating services are among the best you’ll see (that’s why our clients use us over and over again).


We can use coventry course, hadrian sand finish, scratchcoat/graffiato finishes to suit your taste.





“Top professional renovators put rendering high on their lists of ways to add value to a brick home.

Most agree that rendering brick can add up to 10 times the cost of rendering to the sale value of a home” (homeimprovement