How strong are the EPS walls?

The entire wall is coated with an alkaline resistant, fibre glass woven mesh which is overlapped and reinforced with a flexible modified cement render which will not crack. All work and product is covered by manufacturers warranty for piece of mind.



What about the effects of climate and insects?

Polystyrene is an inert organic material that will not rot and is highly resistant to mildew. It also provides no nutritive value to ant's termites or rodents.



What colours are available?

Full, unlimited colour range available.



Will there be multiple contractors required?

You will be dealing with one contractor who will oversee and complete the project from start till finish, from installation to painting. This will eliminate the complication of multiple contractors and extended delays that can otherwise be experienced.



What is the thermal rating?

The Exsulite EPS system has a rating up to 4.9 depending on thickness of EPS chosen.



What sound reduction will I get?

A full wall system using 75mm EPS panel will give you an Rw of 38db



What is the fire rating?

The Dulux Exsulite system can be used in areas up to BAL 29 (Bushfire Attack Level)



How thick are the EPS panels?

EPS can be cut to desired thickness but typically they come in 40mm, 75mm or 100mm in thickness