EPS Polystyrene cladding



Too costly to buy a new home?  Want to stay in your suburb?


Extend, Re-Clad or build a Granny Flat 


InstaClad are specialists in the provision and installation of EPS Polystyrene walls (foam rendered and textured walls) which provide both thermal and acoustic properties, not achieved by alternative building products.


This system is also particularly cost effective as it can be installed, rendered and textured in a lot less time than the old double brick style, which means less costs for scaffolding and less waiting around.


Not only will this add style and value to your home but the products we use are made for Perth’s climate – it’ll keep your house cool in summer and warm in winter (like a giant esky!), keeping those energy bills down. If you’re re-cladding your house, you could have a whole new facade in 2 weeks, without moving out of your home!




Tired of looking at old wood or colorbond fencing?


Re-clad your fence 


InstaClad are specialists in the provision and installation of EPS Polystyrene cladding.  We can clad your existing fence to give it a new, updated and modern textured look.


What is EPS?


EPS (Expanded Polystyrene System) also known as EIFS (Exterior Insulation and Finishing System) and Masterwall is an external lightweight, durable wall cladding system that can be used on:

 -  timber frames

 -  steel frames

 -  over existing brick

 -  over blueboard, weatherboard and fibro structures.


EPS has been developed to meet Australian Building Codes and uses technology that has proven successful worldwide.



Why Choose EPS?


Thermal efficiency

Its insulating properties ensure superior thermal efficiency and is rated for fire and acoustics.


Moisture Resistant

Moisture resistant so you won’t have mould and mildew issues on your EPS walls.


Fast and Economical Construction

EPS is fast to construct as it has been pre-made into panels of varying sizes that allow for a faster construction time. An average home can be fully clad (from the frame to clad, render and texture) within 2 weeks.


The EPS we use is made in WA

Requiring less transport, the EPS we use is not only an environmentally sustainable choice but adds to the cost effectiveness to the West Australian home.



For upper storey additions this will significantly reduce structural support requirements, as it does not require a base footing of concrete to support its own weight.


Shaped for curves

EPS can be shaped for curved forms


Crack resistant

As EPS is not a rigid system, the screws used to hold it in place can move slightly with the polystyrene allowing to settle at the same rate as the building


Environmental sustainability

It has been estimated that the effective application of EPS insulation could cut carbon dioxide emissions by up to 50%. The energy used in the manufacture of EPS is recovered within six months by the energy saved in the buildings in which it is installed.  For the remainder of the life of the building, the EPS reduces its energy requirement thereby requiring the combustion of less fossil fuel which results in less CO2 being generated.  Furthermore the insulation performance of EPS does not deteriorate during its lifetime therefore the reduction in emissions lasts the full lifetime of a building * (ref: epsa.org.au)